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The Viennese Hazelnut Coffee Bean Spirit WIENER GRANT is produced in a double distillation process based on wheat. Genuine hazelnuts and coffee beans are processed into a natural flavor and added to the distillate. Finally, WIENER GRANT is reduced to a pleasant 33% volume drinking strength and "lightly sweetened."

WIENER GRANT seduces with the finest hazelnut and coffee aromas. Original Wiener Grant coffee beans are used in the production. This roast is produced in collaboration with the Viennese café institution and coffee roastery Hawelka located in the 1st Viennese district. After a few weeks of resting, it finally receives its irresistible taste.

The scent of Viennese coffeehouse culture fills the air upon opening the bottle. When tasted, the intensely nutty aroma is immediately noticeable.


The spirit becomes fuller-bodied due to the bittersweet coffee flavor, and the taste lingers long after the first sip.

At the 2022 Berlin International Spirits Competition, Wiener Grant was awarded Silver with 93 points and additionally named "Austria Liqueur Distillery of the Year"!


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We have transferred the many facets of this typical Viennese attitude to life into an equally multifaceted spirit, while not forgetting its natural habitat - the Viennese coffeehouse, Würstlstand or tavern (“Beisl”).

But what does that even mean?

Viennese "Schmäh" describes the characteristic humor of the Viennese, which is self-ironic, charming, subtle, but often also forceful.  "Wiener Schmäh" is a fine line between humor, self-doubt, and insult. As a "Zuagrasta" (non- or neo-Viennese), one can often be unsure how the other person meant the conversation and the interaction can be challenging at first.

The other side of the Janus-faced "Wiener Schmäh" is the "Grant." Translating the word “Grant” simply to “grumpy” cannot fully describe what it means. In mythology, the Janus head shows that something good always harbors something bad, and so one often feels both at the same time.

So, what's the deal with WIENER GRANT?

Hardly any other population group can passionately and enthusiastically get worked up about something like the people in Vienna. It doesn't even need a special occasion - or just a trifle to make one really “grantig”.


The greatest happiness in the world (or winning the title of "most livable city in the world") does not prevent true “Wiener” from getting worked up over trivial matters – to “granteln”. The GRANT must come out - but then everything is usually fine again. Nothing connects the Viennese as much as collective grumbling (“Raunzn”) and complaining (“Motschtkern”) - the typical "Wiener Grant."

Finally, the "Grant" and the "Schmäh" also have a bigger social component - resistance to everything that is "oasch" (annoying, rubbish, bollocks).



Bittersweet – Joyable - Full-bodied

& pleasant to drink.

Like life in Vienna. That's WIENER GRANT.

The story from the idea to the brand

The basic idea came from one of the two founders - Mario. He has been active in the gastronomy and event scene in Vienna for 20 years and has experienced a lot behind the bar during numerous assignments. As a passionate, trained bartender, he has always had a knack for good spirits. Guests are always served with the original "Wiener Schmäh" - but sometimes a guest has also experienced the "Grant".

To pay tribute to these features of the Viennese coffeehouse and “Beisl” culture, the idea arose to establish its own spirits brand called Wiener Grant. The graphic expression of this attitude towards life was created by the graphic artist Michael Hacker with the omnipresent image of the annoyed but always charming head waiter Bert ("Geh Bitte!" - "Come on"). In 2020, the Wiener Grant brand was registered, and the Wiener Grant OG company was founded together with his brother Dennis. Since his departure, the OG has been operated jointly with his cousin Jochen since April 2024.

wiener grant ORNAMENTE.png

Mission Statement

"With our Wiener Grant spirit we want to commemorate the Viennese coffeehouse and “Beisl” culture and give people in Vienna and around the world the opportunity to take the taste with them back into their homes. But of course, it can also be ordered in the coffeehouses, clubs, and restaurants of the city - always with a friendly attitude! Another goal is to make the Viennese version of the Caffè Corretto (which translates to nothing other than a "corrected coffee") - the "Korrigierten" – an Immaterial World Heritage someday. Instead of Grappa, it is simply drunk with our Wiener Grant spirit."

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wiener grant ORNAMENTE.png
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